So much fun hanging with a Wildcat today before he makes his permanent move to CO for his job. He's looking forward to the snowboarding and we made a pact that he'd be back in 2019 - I have such a fun idea in store - think 🏂 👔. See you soon Anthony!

Danielle and I had so much fun together capturing so many sides of her! She's a busy lady with a full time medical career, being an Isagenix rockstar, an awesome networker, a wife, a dog mommy, sister, daughter, friend...Whew I'm getting winded just trying to talk about some of what she's all about! I love these images and know she will be able to get great use of so much content for Instagram. Here's a few of my favorites!

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This past week while I was out taking a nature walk and looking for any fun fall locations I was enjoying watching the geese playing in the water near the damn at the Coatesville Reservoir. Frolicking and splashing, just having a grand old time. But then, the unlikely happened, see my image captures below. This was so funny, well, cause it's a goose and has wings and well couldn't get hurt. I'm wondering if this guy went on back up and gave a little shove to whoever got him! Happy October!

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