Personal Branding Plan

A strong brand cannot be developed overnight

 Personal branding takes time and commitment, it needs to be nurtured. By consistently feeding your brand with fresh images you will begin to see your online presence soar.  Some of the benefits of growing a strong personal brand include:

  • Your clients will respond to your e-mails & return your phone calls

  • You will gain more respect from friends, family, colleagues & clients

  • You’ll receive more phone calls from headhunters and competitors

  • Your conversion rate will improve

  • You can leverage your brand to sell multiple different products

  • Your clients will sing your praises

  • You’ll be able to raise your prices and improve your margins

  • You’ll have a much more defensive product during a downturn

  • Other brands will give you their products to try for free

  • You’ll be contacted with more paid promotional activities

  • You’ll develop a stronger recurring revenue stream

  • You’ll be more proud of the work you do every day

  • Professional portraits are usually tax deductible

15 fresh images throughout the year for

Instagram, Facebook, flyers, postcards, your website, your email footer...

So, what's the Plan?

You and I will start with a meeting to discuss your goals, style and image so we can begin to craft a story board of amazing images for your brand.  

We'll start things off strong with a session to capture 6 images for use on all of your platforms 

Every 3 months we will meet again for another photo shoot to update things and get 3 new images - images in keeping with the brand theme but updated for seasons, changes and growth!

15 total images!

15 different ways to engage your customers!

15 updates throughout the year!

Places to use your images include - 

  • Website

  • Social Media

  • Email Blasts & Newsletters

  • Press Releases

  • Sales & Landing Pages

  • Email Signature

  • Photo for Speaking Engagement

  • Brochures, Mailers, Rack Cards

what are the fees?

Downpayment with your first session of 299

11 monthly installments of 99
 total of 15 fully edited images

Perfect FOR 
  • Doctors
  • bankers
  • salespeople
  • entrepreneurs
  • realtors
  • Bloggers
  • Artists
  • Civic Leaders

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